About sidekicks.berlin

You can find our full-time and volunteer on-site workers everywhere. At parties, in clubs, at big events, street festivals and at cruising areas. Everywhere gay men and other men* who have sex with men* meet, we are on the spot. We are also happy to develop a suitable plugin for your event or club. Just ask us.


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On-site prevention


On-site prevention


On-site prevention


On-site prevention


On-site prevention


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On-site prevention


Everyone has their own ideas, moves in different places and belongs to different scenes. That’s exactly what sidekicks.berlin needs. Only in this way can we, together with you, develop and implement the appropriate offers and actions for the diverse Berlin community. And we need a lot of people to be on the spot as much as possible in the huge Berlin scene.

What's your benefit?

sidekicks.berlin trains you as a volunteer and offers you the opportunity to take part in training courses run by other organisations. You are interested in supporting our work?

Get to know gay Berlin in all its facets. Get involved locally in one of the largest and most interesting gay metropolitan areas. Become a volunteer at sidekicks.berlin and join us for on-site work!


In order to achieve as many of our goals as possible, we need to make efficient use of all resources. These can only be successfully implemented in various synergies with the know-how and specific capabilities of different groups and organizations.